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Cory Fisher, SU Student Rep.

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Cory Fisher is a current student at the Seattle University School of Law. Prior to law school, Cory served as a Sonar Technician in the United States Navy aboard the USS Jimmy Carter. During his time in the Navy, he was deployed three times and spent a large portion of his enlistment out to sea. As a SONAR Supervisor, he was responsible for the safety of the submarine and detecting ocean traffic and potential threats. His submarine was awarded the Presidential Unit Citation by President Barack Obama for highly classified missions vital to national security. Cory now serves as a board member of the Seattle University Law School Veterans Society and has competed in numerous competitions focusing on oral advocacy.

If you are a Seattle University Law Student and interested in the WSVBA, please contact Cory at [email protected]

About Us

The Washington State Veterans Bar Association (WSVBA) is a professional association of attorneys and law students who are Veterans. The WSVBA serves as a network for its members and as a resource and advocate for the 650,000 Veterans who reside in the State of Washington.


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WSVBA events occur throughout the year in various venues and formats throughout Washington, primarily in Seattle and Spokane. Please check the schedule for event descriptions, times, and dates.

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Our Purpose

The WSVBA advocates for the legal needs and interests of Washington Veterans, and to support our attorney and law student membership.

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